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Managed IT Services

What is it?

  • Computer/Network/Software Inventory and Audits
  • Remote Server/Desktop Management and Support
  • Network/Operatiing System Monitoring and Alerts
  • Patch Management and Software Updates
  • Help Desk / Trouble Ticketing / Same Day Response
  • Network/Security Policy Enforcement
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery -- Restore Guaranteed in 4 Business Hours
  • Anti-Virus and Spyware Detection
  • User Management
And all that for an all-inclusive flat monthly fee, a fraction of a full-time IT person's salary.

Why do I need it?

Given the economic uncertainty caused by rising oil prices and the mortgage crisis, many business executives are becoming more hesitant to make major capital investments in technology and are equally eager to shrink their inhouse technological staff.

An increasing number of business executives are recognizing that managed services providers (MSPs) can automate routine IT management tasks and perform these functions remotely, saving them money by increasing system reliability, eliminating unnecessary on-site visits and reducing overall service fees.

Many Small Business executives and end-users, like those in larger enterprise organisations, are becoming increasingly frustrated with the escalating hassles and costs associated with managing their own IT operations. As they become more reliant on systems and software to run their businesses, small- and mid-size businesses (SMBs) are feeling even greater stress because they depend on limited inhouse staff to keep these business critical technologies and applications up and running.

SMBs face great challenges keeping their IT systems and software applications up and running because they are under-staffed. They also recognise that they must refocus their limited resources on their core business because of escalating competitive pressures and customer demands.

Rather than simply install new systems or software in a customer environment and react to problems as they occur as most IT companies do, we assume responsibility for proactively managing our customers' IT environment in order to increase its reliability and improve its performance.

User organisations of all sizes have become too dependent on technology to be able to tolerate any extended downtime. And because many SMBs cannot afford to hire or retain sufficient internal support staff, they are demanding that their suppliers assume greater responsibility for keeping their IT operations up and running.

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